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The Cakeladies.
Wedding Cakes

Here is just a small selection of the many wedding cakes we have made. 

Don't forget you can have whatever design you like, not just what you see here.


CLR11 Open Rose


CLR05 Pink Fluffy


CLR03 Rose and Lily Trail


CLK05 Diamante


CLK10 Wavy Lines


CLK09 Castle


CLR06 Ivy with double

Rose Garland


CLK01 Flower Garland


CLR01 Crystal Rose Garland


CLK03 Pearl Romance with Handmade Bride & Groom


CLK02 Family Portrait


CLK07 Blossom

with Handmade Bride & Groom


CLR08 Flower Trail with Handmade Bride & Groom


CLR04 Offset Falling Flowers with Handmade Figure

CLK22 Offset Flower Trail

with Handmade Bride & Groom 


CLK08 Drapes


CLR09 Falling Flowers

CLK16 Simply Lilies


CLK06 Blue Parcels


CLK14 Black & White Parcels

CLK12 Iridescent Garland


CLK11 Cubes with Roses

CLK19 Cubes with Feathers 

CLK21 Cubes with Scattered Arums 


CLR07 Hearts & Curls

CLR10 Chocolate Curls

with Gold Hearts 

CLR12 Spiralling Hearts 


CLK15 Only Words


CLR23 Lego


CLR19 Tall Flower Trail


CLK18 Pink Rosie


CLR17 Gem Garland

CLK25 Presents

with Handmade Bride & Groom 


CLR15 Rainbow Flower Trail


CLK27 Shards

CLK32 Hobbies 


CLK33 Flower Trail in pink

with handmade bride and groom


CLR20 Flower Trail

with handmade bride and groom


CLK34 Stacked Drapes


CLK35 Mirror Images

CLR36 Love One Another   

CLR37 Chocolate Hearts & Crystals
CLR20 Flower Trail lilac


CLR38 Ring O Rose


CLK39 Butterfly Plait


CLK40 Vintage Rose

CLK41 Antique Silver 


CLK33 Flower Trail in red

with handmade bride and groom


CLK42 Sparkly Parcels


CLK43 Chocolate Curl Hearts


CLK44 Country Flower Garland


CLR45 Photo

CLR46  Henrietta

CLR47 Golden Rose

CLR48 Diamond Lilly

CLR49 Chiffon Rose in pink

CLR50 Flower Romance
whith crystal glasses


CLR51 Silver Scrolls


CLR52 Lilly Cascade


 Lacy Pearl Rose Cascade
CLK 45  Lacy Pearl Rose Cascade


CLK46  Ribbon Plait

CLK47  Delicate Flowers
with Flower Trail and handmade bride & groom

CLK48 Plain Elegance with diamantees

CLK49 2 tier Decorated Butterflies
CLR 50 Bow Romance

CLR 51 
CLR 52 Butterflys (Sugar)

CLR 53 Daisy daisy
CLR 54 Kelly pink
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